Neighbors didn't know man accused of grabbing 10-year-old girl was 'protected' sex offender

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio -- A convicted sex offender accused of trying to kidnap a 10-year-old girl was living in a neighborhood where residents apparently had no idea about his past due to his "protected status."

William Weaver, 24, was arrested last week outside Columbus, Ohio. Weaver allegedly grabbed the girl in the street near her home.

"He put his fingers in her mouth, so she bit his fingers. She bit really hard on his fingers. She's got a bruise on her hand where she was hitting on him," said the girl's grandmother, who taught her how to fight off strangers.

Court records obtained by WBNS show that Weaver was accused of sexually assaulting two girls 10 years ago.

One of them was 5 years old and the other was six.

Weaver was 14 at the time and convicted of one count of rape. He served time and registered as a sex offender but didn't have to tell neighbors because of his age when the crime happened.

You can check for sex offenders in your neighborhood by searching the Texas Public Sex Offender website.