Severed goat head found on woman's car

BOSTON, Massachusetts (KTRK) -- A woman is living in fear after she discovered a severed goat head pinning her photo to the front of her car.

The animal head was placed against a windshield wiper, with the woman's own picture under it.

The woman did not want to show her face after the horrific discovery.

"That is really scary. That is very bizarre and scary," said the woman.

The victim told WBZ-TV she has no idea why anyone would target her to do such a thing.

Not only was the woman in shock, but her neighbors literally had their jaws dropping when the learned about the severed goat head.

"That is really scary. That is very bizarre and scary. Why would someone do that?" said one neighbor.

The woman drove the car to the police station with the goat head still on the car.

Police and Animal Control are looking into the incident. So far, police have no suspects.
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