Nicholas D'Agostino charged in alleged multiple shooting incidents, investigators say

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Katy man is now charged with aggravated assault after randomly shooting at several cars while on the roadway.

Based on the victim accounts, it appears Nicholas D'Agostino was driving around Katy for months with a gun by his side, opening fire at random people.

D'Agostino, 29, is now facing three charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Investigators say he shot a gun at other drivers, nearly killing one.

Galveston County couple Jim and Sharon Hall say they were heading out of town for a weekend away, driving down the eastbound feeder road of I-10 after missing their turn.

Jim says, "Something hit our car and made a real loud pop."

They pulled into a restaurant to assess their cracked window.

The Halls are the third case in D'Agostino's growing criminal charges.

On March 7, 2018, the first known victim, a Katy woman was shot in the arm while pulling out of a Shell gas station on 1-10 near the Grand Parkway.

Just nine days later, on March 16, the second shooting against The Halls at nearly the same location on the I-10 feeder road.

Then, on July 10, the third victim, a Katy mother was shot as she pulled into a car wash on S. Mason Road.

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Attorney for man accused of shooting two women in their cars says "This is a very sad situation."

Investigators caught D'Agostino on surveillance video from the Mason Road car wash, showing the suspect's car.

D'Agostino was arrested four and a half months after shooting at the Halls.

A grand jury saw the evidence in December and indicted him with the third charge, but investigators say D'Agostino confessed to five of these random drive-by shootings.

Prosecutors have requested a high bond in all of these cases saying, "The defendant presents a continuing threat to the community and in particular, to female motorists in the Katy area."

Court records state he has "Facebook posts where he rants and rambles on about female motorists and how incompetent they are and that their sole purpose is to give birth to male children."

D'Agostino's defense attorney tells us he is being evaluated by a psychotherapist from behind bars.

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