"Senior Prom" and the Leading Ladies Kick Off Party

Friday, July 1, 2016

This year's kick-off party for The Senior Prom 2016 hosted by The Leading Ladies of Houston was held at The Ivy Lofts on June 30th, 2016. The introduction to this year's theme was "Born on the Bayou", representing Houston, "The Bayou City" and The Medallion, situated adjacent to Braes Bayou. Two of The Medallion's past Prom Queens were in attendance to speak about their prom experience along with other Medallion Residents.

The event engaged both the seniors and the youth by pairing them up for prom dates. The seniors were entertained by their dates in theme appropriate attire, enthusiasm and energy.

This year's 8th annual senior prom will be held on August 18th. The evening will culminate with the crowning of the Prom Queen, who will be escorted and seated to her throne adorned with cape, crown and scepter.

Also presented among the guests were Harris County Constable Precinct One Alan Rosen and Jared Lang President Houston Fashion Week.