Porch pirates steal gifts for orphaned kids in need in Galveston

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It started with a birthday party for a special little girl named Alexis.

Today, it's grown to a Christmas festival helping 150 orphaned kids in Galveston.

"These kids at the orphanage don't even have socks," said volunteer Shelby Roquemore.

She was putting gift bags together and ordered games for volunteers to use to interact with the kids.

Sunday morning while away from home, she got the notification that the boxes had been delivered. But by the time she got the family truck to load them in, they were gone.

"My first reaction was pure heartbreak," Roquemore said. "I immediately thought of the reaction I wanted the kids to have as a result of using the games for the party."

The party is Tuesday in Galveston at the Sea Star Base. Roquemore doesn't have time to reorder everything, but the party will go on.

"What one person who had ill effect did, can't affect the Christmas party for 150 kids," said Roquemore.

She also has a message for the thieves.

"I would say don't assume who you are stealing from has it better than you," Roquemore said. "Because in reality, they didn't steal from me. They took from kids who have nothing."

Donations will be accepted for toiletry items and clothes for kids from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18 at Galveston Sea Star Base.

If you'd like to volunteer for the event click, visit their website.

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