Retouching now option for school photos

It's school picture time and the big question for parents this year: should you retouch your child's photos?

Life Touch, the company behind the majority of school portrait photos across the country, offers some options.

For $8, you can get "basic retouching," which removes blemishes.

For $12, you get "premium retouching," which whitens teeth, evens skin tone and removes blemishes and scars.

There are two sides to this.

The majority of moms that ABC News spoke with agreed that they would not retouch their kids school photos.

It's supposed to represent a moment in time - their sweet, real childhood.

Other parents say there's no harm in retouching things like scrapes, scratches, bruises, and blemishes.

Experts have weighed in and say this: altering pictures can affect a child's self-image, so think carefully about it.
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