Caught on video: Students pack into crowded Goose Creek bus

BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- Goose Creek Memorial High School students say it's not uncommon to see teens packed into the aisles and falling over each other on the bus on their way home from school.

"We have to run out of our classrooms to be the first ones on our bus because it gets packed so fast," eleventh-grade student Yaimaira said.

She recorded video of the crowd because she says campus administrators laughed at her complaints.

"There are students literally sitting on the floor, and I told the principal, but he just laughed in my face and said we're going to have to deal with it," she said.

A Goose Creek ISD spokeswoman told Eyewitness News no one reported this to the transportation department or district administrators, and this video is the first they've heard of the problem.

"They're not taking us seriously, and I'm tired of it," Yaimaira said.

The district says now that Eyewitness News has shared this video with them, they're making plans to adjust routes to give students more room.

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