Mom trying to find Alvin ISD bus driver who had surprise for son

ALVIN, Texas (KTRK) -- An Alvin ISD bus driver has captured the heart of a mom after the driver ran over her son's favorite basketball, then purchased him a new one the next day.

Brittani McSwain said her 13-year-old son Ashton was playing basketball on Wednesday when his ball rolled into the street and was run over by a school bus.

"He comes back in with this flat ball, like a big gash in it," said McSwain.

McSwain said when the ball was destroyed, it sounded like an explosion. She said though Ashton has plenty of basketballs, that one was his favorite.

"I was really sad," said Ashton in a Facetime interview with ABC13. "I got it for Easter one year."

The unidentified bus driver came back to McSwain's home the next day with a sweet surprise, according to the mom.

"Our doorbell rang at 7 o'clock this morning, which is very unusual," said McSwain. "I was pretty surprised when we open the door and there was this little bitty lady with a really big, giant, blue gift bag."

The bus driver bought Ashton a brand new basketball, according to McSwain. Now, she's taking to social media to find out the name of the bus driver to personally thank her.

"I don't know if she's on here or not," wrote McSwain in a Facebook group. "We would like to thank the bus driver that didn't have to do something nice, but did anyway. If she is on here, or someone knows who it was, we would like to get in touch with her. If not, at least now everyone knows that Alvin ISD has one awesome bus driver!"
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