Scam alert: Phony job offer could cost you hundreds

A job opportunity that sounds too good to be true is recirculating.

The phony offer starts with a message promising hundreds of dollars to anyone willing to advertise a company on their vehicle for a few weeks.

One message sent in by a viewer promises to pay $650 per week to any driver who agrees to put Red Bull logos on their vehicle. The message contains a link that goes to a page that collects personal information.

People who submit their information get a check in the mail with instructions to cash the check, keep some of the money, and send the rest back to the company. That is a huge red flag.

Anytime someone sends a check and asks the recipient to send money back, there is a good chance the check is not real and the recipient will be on the hook for the full amount if they deposit it.

Red Bull confirmed it is not offering payments to drivers.

"We don't have any kind of program in which we offer payment in exchange for vehicle branding since our logo is not available to the public," a company spokesperson said.

He also added that Red Bull vehicles that you may see on the road are company owned and operated.

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