Santa Fe ISD calls on community to improve school safety

SANTA FE, Texas (KTRK) -- As the community comes together to heal nearly three weeks after the shooting, area leaders are looking to the future and ways to improve.

"We can all improve. None of us are perfect. None of us individually. None of us as organizations," said Pastor Brad Drake of the Highway 6 Ministerial Alliance.

Drake is part of the Highway 6 Ministerial Alliance. It's just one of the groups that will be part of a committee to improve safety in Santa Fe ISD.

The committee is still being formed, but it will include law enforcement, parents, faith leaders and staff.

Some items the district says they may examine include:

*The use of metal detectors
*Clear backpacks
*Access to mental health
*Student dress code
*Monitoring social media

Drake says those are all important issues they plan to weigh-in on.

"The ideas, the concepts, whether it's the metal detectors, those are little more concrete and we believe those are important but we also offer and bring to the table, the idea of faith," said Drake.

He says it's too early to say what the alliance will recommend but he knows one thing is for sure, the effort for improvement is what the committee is all about.

"That's what our school leadership, that's what our city leadership is taking from all of this, is that we all want to improve and do better and do the very best for our students," said Drake.

The deadline to apply for the committee is Wednesday.
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