Santa Fe residents spreading acts of kindness before students return to school

SANTA FE, Texas (KTRK) -- Green, gold, and love, that's what some Santa Fe parents like Stacy Howard David and students are placing everywhere visible in the community.

Sunday night, they gathered around the flagpole in front of Santa Fe High School to pray for the school year.

Parent "Cowboy" Martinez said, "They're gonna bless the school for the kids' arrival of the new year and the changes that have happened."

After three months of healing and three months of changes, it's time to return to class.

"This community has done a lot of healing. Everyone, from the mayor to the janitor, has put 110 percent into this community through the summer. No one has taken a break," said Martinez.

During the weekend, Stacy Howard David and Santa Fe Tribe Moms decorated the town from the bank to the school in green and gold.

They want all those returning to the school to know they are not doing it alone.

"I love my community, I can't say good enough things about my community and I will always volunteer for them," said David.

The students will enter the halls and notice changes at all the campuses from walking through metal detectors as they enter to the presence of additional police officers, along with trained security assistants.

Teachers, including substitutes, have gone through additional safety training.

At the high school, the front entrance is redesigned with bulletproof glass, panic buttons have also been installed.

Martinez added, "When we say Santa Fe strong we mean Santa Fe Strong. We're not a community of words, we're not a community of talk, we are a community of actions. Those actions can be seen by what goes on here because this school has changed."

There is still a lot of emotional healing ahead. Counselors and therapy dogs will be on hand to assist in that but a new school year symbolizes a new chapter in "Santa Fe Strong."

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