Santa Fe football player's tattoo pays tribute to slain friend

SANTA FE, Texas (KTRK) -- The morning of Friday, May 18 had the same feeling as always for Santa Fe High School student Hunter Farris.

He tossed and turned, debating if he should hit the snooze button for five extra minutes.

But, that didn't happen, as he quickly got up in order to be on time for first period.

As he walked into his art class, without knowing, he took one last look at his close friend and teammate, Chris Stone.

Exactly at 7:30 a.m., an entire community was turned upside down as a student walked onto campus and opened fire.

Hunters' best friend Chris was one of 10 victims shot and killed by a man police identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis.

"I was with him until his last moments. It is something I will never forget," said Farris.

The offensive lineman will not only honor his close friend on the field, but plans to do it an entire lifetime.

Farris tattooed Stone's name on his right arm, which sits on a cross with the Santa Fe Indians logo, to remind him of Stone's life.

"Whenever I feel bad or know I'm not having a good time, day, or get emotional, I just look down on it and I know he is up in heaven right now," Ferris said.

With the 2018 high school football playoffs kicking off, every team will search deep down for motivation to get to a state championship.

The Santa Fe Indians and Farris have all the motivation they need as they're playing for their community and their football brother who will be cheering for them from heaven.

"I know he is not here so it pushes me to go 110 percent and as hard as I ever been before," said Farris. "That's what basically goes through my head, that I have to play for him knowing that he would love to be here right now."
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