Secret Santa pays off $46K worth of layaway items at Walmart

BEDFORD COUNTY, PA (KTRK) -- 'Tis the season for giving, and for one Good Samaritan in Pennsylvania, that means going all out. Holiday shoppers at Walmart got the surprise of the season when they found out their layaway gifts were already paid for.

According to the store, a woman walked in with a $46,000 check from a man who decided he was going to give back.

The amount paid off layaways for 194 people.

"Well, my -- I got home from work today and my daughter played the messages before I got there, and she said, 'Mom,'" Christa Morton told WJAC. "I said, 'Did anybody call.' She said, 'Yeah.' 'Am I going to be upset or mad?' And she was like, 'Well, it's going to make you cry.' So I walked upstairs and played the messages, and it was Walmart saying that our Christmas layaway can be picked up. That it was completely paid for."

The thanks continued to pour in from shoppers.

"I'm grateful and thankful that they can do that and in their heart, they want to do that," Pamela Foor said. "You know, cause some people could take that money and just spend it on themselves but they gave it to a small community."

Many of the shoppers have asked who the Secret Santa is, but he's not saying a word.

"They have cried, they have thanked us, they have thanked the mysterious person," assistant manager Brittney Weaver said. "They have tried to find out who it is just so they can thank them personally and pay it forward."
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