Their sand sculptures are better than yours!

PORT ARANSAS, TX (KTRK) -- Some of the most creative and talented sand artists spent last weekend in Port Aransas for the annual Texas SandFest. Above are photos from the weekend. If you were there, send your pics to us at or post them using #abc13eyewitness.

Below were the weekend winners.


1st - Abe Waterman and Morgan Rudluff, Youth's Entrepreneurial Endeavor Results in Lingual Dilemma. Abe proposed to Morgan during the awards ceremony. She said yes!
2nd - Ky and Jeff Terrell, Inky's Day Out
3rd - Lucinda Wierenga & Emerson Schreiner, Gifts From The Sea


1st - Delayne Corbett, Spellbound
2nd - Bert Adams, Gotcha
3rd - Jeff Strong, She Shell

Peoples Choice:

Duo - Abe and Morgan, Youth's Entrepreneurial Endeavor Results in Lingual Dilemma
Solo - Delayne Corbett, Spellbound
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