Rising of San Jacinto River due to rainfall leaves many homeowners nervous

SAN JACINTO, Texas (KTRK) -- Many homeowners along the San Jacinto River say they prepared their things Friday night as the rain came down.

The river is moving, but the current has slowed down now that the rain has stopped. Residents in Belleau Woods, Forest Cove, North Shore and Riverside Crest are keeping a close eye on the levels.

The Harris County Flood Control District says their biggest area of concern is the West Fork of the San Jacinto River, east of US 59.

They say the river will remain above flood stage into Wednesday.

"This house has been under once and it was Harvey. Homes go under regularly, like once a year now," said homeowner Mickey Gibson. "Back in the day, we never had these kinds of issues."

If you drive through some of the areas near the river, you can still see many homes that haven't been lived in since Hurricane Harvey.

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