Mass shooting victim had trained suspected shooter in workplace role, widow says

SAN BERNARDINO, CA (KTRK) -- The widow of one of the people killed in San Bernardino says her husband knew the suspected shooter, but didn't know about his alleged stockpile of guns, ammo and explosives.

"He knew Syed," said Jennifer Thalasinos, whose husband Nicholas Thalasinos was one of 14 people killed in the attack. "(Nicholas) worked with(Syed). He never had anything bad to say about him. He knew he was Muslim. And like I said, my husband, with our being Messianic, they don't necessarily get along, but my husband never had anything bad to say about him."

Jennifer Thalasinos, who is a second grade teacher, said she was in class when he heard about the active shooter incident at the Inland Regional center. She said she getting alerts on her phone, but no text message from her husband.

"I started texting him. When I didn't hear anything, that's when I pretty much knew," said Thalasinos. "I'm sure he went down fighting. And I feel he was martyred. I know he's in a better place."

Thalasinos said her husband was a man of faith, had conservative views, loved his country and was outspoken against ISIS.

"He's very outspoken about Islamic terrorism and how he feels about politics and the state of the country," said Thalasinos.

Thalasinos said her husband didn't have any issues with Syed, and even trained him as a county health inspector at one point. She said she believes this was an act of terrorism.

"I think that this was happening behind the scenes. He was not showing this part of himself at work, because if he would've been my husband would've had something to say," said Thalasinos.

Jennifer and Nicholas have been together for 14 years.
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