Salt dome explosion rocked area near Brenham 27 years ago

BRENHAM, Texas (KTRK) -- It was 27 years ago when a gas salt storage dome in a rural area near Brenham exploded, killing three people and injuring 21.

The massive explosion destroyed houses and left nearby wooded areas with nothing more than smoldering tree trunks. The explosion was so large, it rattled windows in Houston.

The April 7, 1992 explosion killed 5-year old Derick Meinen, Gloria Driver, 46 and Delores Medve, 27.

The underground storage dome, operated by Seminole Pipeline Co., stored liquified petroleum gas. Gas began leaking from the dome and a large cloud of gas formed in a low area. The gas ignited and ripped apart at least five nearby houses, crushing one mobile home, killing Derick Meinen. The blast rippled across the rural area damaging as many as 50 structures

Several of the survivors were flown to Hermann Hospital in Houston by LifeFlight helicopter.
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