CDC warns against Halloween costumes for chickens

OUACHITA PARISH, Louisiana -- Stephanie Morse has quite a unique family and not all of the members live inside the house.

"They're a part of my family. It's like they're my babies. Some of them live right in the backyard," Morse tells KNOE-TV.

And like a normal family member, these chickens aren't cooped up.

They're well fed. With a nice place to sleep.

They even get dressed up for the holidays.

Morse says she dresses up her chicks in costumes every Halloween.

But the CDC is tricking this treat by asking folks not to put their pet chickens in costumes and to stop cuddling with them to keep from being exposed to salmonella.

When asked how she felt about not being able to hold her chickens, Morse says "I love to hold them, I love to talk to them. Everybody has names."

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Experts like Dallas Morrell in Downsville says, when the meat comes to the table, it's up to you to stay safe.

He might be a young farmer, but he's no spring chicken when it comes to bacteria.

"If it has any discoloration or anything that's messed up about it, don't eat it," warns Morrell.

He says it's safer to shop local.

"Watch who you get your chickens from. If you're a backyard chicken person like we are, we have all of our birds kept in separate cages," he said.

Morse said she is going to continue to let her birds strut their stuff.