What do a brewery and a church have in common? On-site COVID vaccination drives

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Saint Arnold Brewing Company only sells beer, but guests at the brewery also had an opportunity to get a shot on Wednesday.

The brewery hosted a drive-in COVID-19 vaccination site and Saint Arnold founder Brock Wagner said the event was significant on a variety of levels.

"It's just so important to get everybody vaccinated," said Wagner. "It's good for business, and it's good for society."

Saint Arnold will hold another vaccination drive next month, so Wednesday's participants can receive their second dose. The shots were administered by Texas Vaccine Institute, which performs on-site vaccinations at schools, churches, and businesses.

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Wagner hopes on-site vaccination drives become common at more local businesses.

"I think every time you do a vaccination drive at a novel place, you reach a few more people," he said.

Texas Vaccine Institute has also held drives at The Church of St. John The Divine, which is located in Upper Kirby. In addition to vaccinating church members, these services were also available to the community at-large.

"We were able to put it together and had a very good turnout," said Susan Davis of the church's leadership team. "People were elated."

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As the rate of vaccinations slows down in the U.S., Jennifer Chavez of Texas Vaccine Institute said hosting drives at a church could help reduce vaccine hesitancy.

"I think it helps for pastors to say ['Get vaccinated'] to their congregation," said Chavez. "It gives them more trust coming from their pastors."

Davis said vaccinating members of the community is a service their church is proud to provide.

She said church leadership was active in receiving their own vaccines as well as keeping the St. John the Divine congregation informed.

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"We're doing our best to contribute to ending the COVID pandemic," said Davis. "I think this is an excellent way for churches to reach out to their congregants and offer a service one wouldn't usually associate with a church environment."

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