Taco Bell devotee has 101st birthday party at restaurant

CARBONDALE, Illinois (KTRK) -- An Illinois woman's 101st birthday took place at what can be argued as the least exotic place around: her local Taco Bell.

According to Ruth Parker, she chose her Carbondale, Illinois fast food Mexican eatery for the big party after becoming a loyal customer.

For 18 years, she visits the restaurant twice a week since workers were cordial to her after moving to town.

On a rainy day, she was looking for a place to read her paper and drink her coffee.

"They said, 'Well, we don't serve coffee here,' but one of the help brought his coffee and said, 'We'll make you a cup,'" Parker said.

From then on, the Taco Bell won a devotee who has actually spent every birthday since at the location.

Parker is already a connoisseur of the menu, too.

"Right now I'm hooked on their Taco Fries. They are delicious!" she said.
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