Age just a number in gifted and talented classes at Klein ISD

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- Roth Elementary School in Klein ISD is doing something unique inside the classroom that not many schools are doing.

This is the first year it's implemented multi-age classes and different forms of technology for the gifted and talented students.

Tamara Bennett's third and fourth grade daughters, Faith and Joi, are learning together in the same multi-age class.

"Most people think things like this aren't happening in a public school, but it is," said Tamara.

"We're learning a lot of things outside our grade's curriculum," Joi added.

All of this is part of the new curriculum for the gifted and talented students.

"We're bringing in a lot of classic literature. We're bringing in some Latin, some philosophy, Socratic seminar, things like that, that you don't typically see in a elementary classroom," said principal Gail McGuire.

The idea came from teachers wanting to give these students more options for learning. They say research shows "ability grouping" is successful.

"This focus on innovation and how we can leverage innovation to improve student learning has really taken Klein ISD to another level," said the district's deputy superintendent, Jenny McGowan.

When superintendent Bret Champion started in 2016, he had a goal to make changes for the better.

"Whenever I got the joy of becoming the superintendent of schools here at Klein ISD, we collectively created a shared vision for the district and it's truly a shared vision," said Champion.

Students, staff, and parents are in this together, and they hope it continues to be successful.

"One of the main words that's used all the time is 'innovative,' but it's not just a buzzword. It's the truth," said Tamara.

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