Terrifying! Check out the world's tallest roller coaster 'Skyscraper' coming to Orlando

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Standing at 570 feet high, the Skyscraper will be the world's tallest roller coaster when opened at Skyplex in Orlando in 2016.
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If you're afraid of heights, this roller coaster is probably more than you can handle.

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In the video above depicts a CGI rendering of the upcoming "Skyscraper" roller coaster, set for construction in 2015 at the Skyplex complex in Orlando. With tracks that loop in and out of a entertainment complex, the coaster will stand at a whopping 570 feet tall and will feature speeds of up to 65 mph.

"Skyscraper will not only take riders higher than ever before, but also introduce one thrill right after the next - there's no 'down time' on this four-minute coaster experience," President of US Thrill Rides, Michael Kitchen, told the Orlando Sentinel. The coaster plans to open in 2016.

The current record holder for world's tallest roller coaster is Kingda Ka, a 456-foot tall thriller located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J. The world's fastest roller coaster is the Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, which reaches speeds up to 148.1 mph, according to the Roller Coaster database.