Man, 60, dies after being beaten during $1 Christmas Eve mugging

BRONX, New York -- A 60-year-old man who was punched and kicked during a $1 robbery has died, police said Saturday.

Juan Fresnada died Friday afternoon at the hospital where he was taken in critical condition after the mugging early on Christmas Eve, the New York Police Department said.

Officers have released surveillance photos and videos in hopes of pinpointing the attackers.
Police said Fresnada and another man, 29, were walking early Tuesday when several muggers approached them and demanded their property.

When the two refused, they were punched and kicked.

The attackers took a dollar from them and fled.

Surveillance video released by police show a man grabbing another man's shirt and swinging him to the ground, then hitting him. Clips also show two other men joining the attacker, one of them grasping a trash can, as the beaten man starts to stand up.

It's unclear whether he is Fresnada or the younger man, who declined medical attention, police said.

No contact information for Fresnada's family could immediately be found.
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