Robber steals cash and woman's purse at furniture store: Police

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Police are looking for a suspect captured on surveillance video who they say robbed Comfort Mattress and Furniture in southwest Houston.

The owner, Abdul Kafi, says this isn't the first time his store was robbed, and he believes it's by the same suspect.

The most recent robbery happened in late March, just as the store was closing.

"Normally I leave at six, so I was just counting the minutes to get out," employee Dora Rodriguez said. "I heard the door open. 'Oh, another customer.'" It wasn't.

She says, "Next thing I know was I looked up, I told my customer, 'Can you please calm down, we're okay,' then I see the guy pointing the gun at my boss."

Surveillance video shows the suspect holding Kafi at gunpoint, then pointing the gun at Rodriguez and the customer, before stealing that customer's purse and thousands of dollars from inside the store.

"(The suspect) grabbed my hair, put the gun on my head, and said, 'Give me the money,' so that's what I did," Rodriguez said. "I opened the door, gave him the money."

HPD believes the suspect is the same person who robbed other area stores since last December.

If you have any information, you're asked to contact HPD.

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