Road rage victim talks about being shot in the face

Just days after being shot in the face during a road rage incident in Pennsylvania, the victim talks about the ordeal.

It began as a fender bender. Video showed police taking the suspect, KaShonda Powell, into custody moments later.

For her safety, the victim spoke anonymously about the ordeal.

"She got out of the car and charged to my car," the victim said. "When she charged to my car, she banged on the window."

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The victim said the entire time Powell was banging on the window, cursing and telling her to get out of the car.

"By that time, I saw the gun and I pulled off," she said. "As soon as I pulled off, that's when she shot her gun."

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The bullet went in and out of her face. The victim said she had no idea that she was shot in the chin.

"I just knew at that moment to keep driving," she said. "It was like whatever little bit of life I have left, I just have to keep going."
The victim said she managed to speed away but saw in the rear-view mirror that Powell was chasing her in a red Chevy Camaro.

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A Chester police officer in an unmarked car arrived within seconds to cut off Powell. Investigators said he had tried to intervene initially, after seeing the beginning of the violent encounter.

The victim was taken to Crozer Chester Medical Center, where she is now recovering with a dozen stitches, grateful to be alive.

"It's not that I didn't value life before, but being the victim of something like this, you value it more, because you don't know. Within 30 seconds your life could be different," she said.

Police said a weapon was recovered.

The victim said she is still pretty shaken, but this won't keep her from getting back behind the wheel.
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