Kingwood man says driver shot at him for honking his horn

KINGWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- A Kingwood man says, rather than enjoying Labor Day, he and his friend could be in the hospital or worse. He says he was followed home and shot at, all because he honked at a truck that cut him off.

"He turns around right here, he parks across the street right there and pulls out a gun, fires a shot. Missed my buddy's head by about 6 inches," Michael said.

It was shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday night, when Michael just got off work. He says a man driving a Silver truck pulled out in front of him on Ford Road, causing the two to almost crash.

"As I approach the gas station half way down Ford Road, a truck pulls out in front of me. I almost hit him and I end up honking at him pretty good," Michael said.

Thinking the situation was over, Michael says he pulled into his neighborhood. He parked his truck and walked to the end of his driveway to greet a friend waiting in his own car.

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Michael says suddenly, the truck he honked at pulls up next to them, turns around and fires a shot before speeding off.

"It was very much an intended shot. He definitely fired directly at me," Michael said.

The two men called 911 to report what happened. Deputies stayed at his home for over an hour to make sure the driver didn't come back.

He says it was dark and he was caught by surprise, so he didn't get a license plate number. He hopes someone knows something and calls police. He says he is just grateful no one was hurt.
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