EXCLUSIVE: Two women involved in road rage incident in north Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A new case of road rage caught on camera, this time between two women losing their cool while behind the wheel. The incident happened Tuesday morning at Hardy Toll Road and Little York.

This time there were no fists involved, but the video is still jaw dropping. The man who shot it says one woman ran the other off the road and onto a curb. The two got out and had words. After that, things became crazy really fast.

"I've never witnessed nothing like that," said Jerome Robinson Sr.

He recorded the video on his way to work.

VIDEO: Full video of road rage incident in north Houston
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Full video of road rage incident in north Houston.

"The lady in the green SUV swerved on the lady in the Dodge Stratus and caused the lady to jump the curb. So she stopped, the lady got out, she went to the truck and approached her and that's when they got out," he said.

One woman got back into her SUV, while the other tried to get her license plate information.

"As she was trying to take a picture of the license plate, the lady starts backing up on her. Then she started to go again, the lady reversed on her again," said Robinson.

He tells Eyewitness News he started rolling just in case something bad happened. He posted it to his HOOD News Facebook page and it's gotten close to 200,000 views.

After the SUV took off, the woman in the Dodge Stratus sped off after her.

"It happens everywhere. I'm just glad an innocent person didn't get hit as they were running through the traffic like that," said Robinson.

This incident happened just two days after the now viral video of a road rage incident at 1960 and 290 in northwest Harris County. On Saturday, a brawl erupted between four people that ended with the driver of a pickup truck backing into a white car.

Robinson says he saw that video. He says it's never that serious.

"It's alright to blow and keep going," he added.

ABC13 has made numerous attempts to identify both drivers in the video.

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