HPD investigating after driver reportedly opens fire at couple's car during road rage incident

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston police are investigating after a possible case of road rage ended with a man opening fire in The Heights area.

Eyewitnesses say it began several blocks away Saturday evening when a man reportedly rammed the back of a couple's car.

It is unclear why the suspect was ramming their vehicle, but the couple says the man chased after them in a pick-up truck.

At one point, they said they couldn't drive their car anymore. The husband then got out of the car to check on his wife, who had hit her head during an accident.

The couple said the man in the truck left, but went around and returned. He reportedly fired as many as eight shots at them.

In the midst of the chaos, the couple's dog, Bear, got loose but was later found running down the street by neighbor Eleanor Carter.

"After something like that, I think the dog was shaken up and scared," Carter said. "He had his tail between his legs and I'm just glad we got him reunited with his owners."

Another neighbor told Eyewitness News she heard the incident and she says she dove to the ground when she heard the gunshots.

"I ran into the house and got my phone to call 911 and called 911 and ran toward the car," the neighbor said. "About that time I saw a car, the truck that hit it, go east then make the block and I saw it coming down Oxford barreling down the street."

Anyone with information about the suspected driver involved is urged to contact Houston police.
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