Residents along San Jacinto River prepare homes for possible flood

SAN JACINTO, Texas (KTRK) -- Even though Houston is seeing flooding go down on roadways, there's still some concerns of rising rivers.

The Harris County Flood Control District has been monitoring water levels all morning. They say people living in the area may experience major flooding.

ABC13 crews went to the Forest Cove neighborhood where many residence are already experiencing flooding.

"It's not really that bad. I would expect maybe a couple more feet, and maybe get our enclosures," resident Joe said.

With Spring Creek and Cypress Creek both feeding into the west fork river, it's causing major issues for the community.

The Forest Cove, Riverside Crest, Northshore and Belleau Woods neighborhoods have been heavily impacted.

Some business nearby have already started evacuations. The Kingwood Ag Barn is now moving its animals to the Humble Civic Center.

The barn is flood prone, and wants to ensure the safety of their animals.

Officials say the San Jacinto River is not expecting to crest until sometime Monday, but flooding may last until Wednesday.
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