New service in Houston to do your errands for you

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A new competitor has rolled into the city.

"Getme" is similar to ride services like Uber and Lyft, but Getme drivers can also run errands for customers.

John Marsden just signed up to be a driver for Getme.

"With GetMe you can actually shop," Marsden said. "You can shop for the customer and deliver packages. You can also pick up the customer."

Marsden is one of several new Getme drivers who also drive for Uber. He's looking forward to another option in town.

"Hey, money is the limit," Marsden said. "Gotta take care of my kids."

Chief Experience Officer Jonathan Laramy explains how the app works.

"You have the button where it says either 'something' or 'somewhere,' Laramy said, "If you want to go somewhere, it's very much like the other ride sharing companies, where it's geo-location, all that kind of good stuff. And then from the delivery perspective, you go in, have a list of stores and choose what you want."

The overall cost depends on how expensive a customer's order is and how far the driver must travel to bring it to him. Hundreds of Houstonians have signed up to be drivers so far. Drivers must go through background checks and get all of the required permits from the airport and from the city.

Marsden is excited to get started.

"It's worth it," Marsden said "You can make a lot of money."

He'll be checking his phone and waiting for the Houston orders to start coming in.
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