Richmond home gets protective barrier after a dozen crashes at property

RICHMOND, Texas (KTRK) -- In 2003, a car crashed into Manuel Reyes' home killing his mother right in front of him, but that wasn't the last crash at his property.

"Probably 15 crashes since then," Reyes said.

That's 16 years of cars speeding down the road that leads to his home. Wreck after wreck, vehicles have slammed into his trees, fences and house.

"They hit my nephew's car, hit my car. This one. It hit my brother's truck," he said.

The road leading into his house is a straight shot, and though the speed limit is 20, cars go much faster.

The City of Richmond said it has records of four crashes into the home.

The worst happened when a car sailed through the front of the house.

That accident killed Reyes' mother in front of him and left him with an injury.

"I was able to get away. Get out struggling and all that to find my mom. And she was under the car," he said.

That driver wasn't charged, because it was ruled as an accident.

For years, Reyes has asked the city to install barriers. Crews put up temporary water-filled barricades but cars plowed those right over.

Man barricades home from speeding cars after crash killed his mother 16 years ago

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After a crash in his living room killed his mother 16 years ago, a Richmond man is asking for help after another crash has him reliving the tragedy.

Reyes said the installation started earlier in the year. As of a couple weeks ago, the permanent barriers are finally in place.

There are also new lights, warning signs and rumble strips to tell drivers to slow down.

"There are a lot of cars that still go around them now, but they do slow down," Reyes said.

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