RX SAVER: How you can save up to 50 percent on prescription drugs

RetailMeNot is introducing a new tool to help consumers save money on their prescription medicines.

With RX Saver, consumers can save up to 50 percent off.

RetailMeNot found that close to 60 percent of people are on recurring drugs and 80 percent of those people are stressing how they are going to pay for these medicines.

A lot of consumers don't understand that the same prescription in the same strength can cost one price at one store and a completely different price across the street. That's why RetailMeNot has come up with this tool to help you save money.

"Insurance isn't always going to be the cheapest option and so we wanted to create an easy website and an easy tool where people can simply enter in their zip code, prescription name, and RX Saver is going to show you all the places you can save money," Sara Skirboll, Savings Expert at RetailMeNot.

You'll simply print your coupon or show it to your pharmacist for instant savings up to 50 percent off.

RX Saver is a free mobile app that gives you an opportunity to search, view and compare prescription drugs at stores near you.

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