Residents terrorized by food vandal near Museum District

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Residents terrorized by food vandal near Museum District

Residents in a quaint neighborhood near the Museum District are trying to solve the mystery of the food vandal.

For months, those who live on Banks near Woodhead have gone outside to find their vehicles egged or slimed with salad dressing. There have also been multiple unwanted food-related "gifts" left in the beds of pickup trucks.

"I thought he was framing me for a crime, so I just made sure I threw it all away," said James Halk, whose cameras recorded some of the mischief. "He was just leaving random stuff in my truck bed almost on a regular basis, every weekend at about 5, 6 in the morning."

Halk's video shows a man leaving not only empty liquor bottles and beer cans but also a sack of men's clothes and a side mirror from a car. Just when Halk thought the guy was gone for good, he discovered an empty peppermint schnapps bottle Thursday morning.

Stefanie Florencio has a similar story from when her sister visited in a rented pickup truck.

"The first day it was a bag of rotisserie chicken, just the bones. The second day it was a pizza box, and the third day it was just mostly trash. Fast food, I think," said Florencio, who told Eyewitness News her car was also egged.

On social media, another resident posted that her car has been egged and slimed with salad dressing and pizza.

They are not sure whether it is the same person causing all the trouble, but they would like it to stop.

"Maybe he lived here and left on bad terms. It's just disrespectful, really," added Florencio.

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