HARVEY AFTERMATH: Fecal contamination found in Guadalupe River

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KTRK) -- Nearly a year since Hurricane Harvey's landfall, it has been discovered that a major drinking water source in San Antonio took in on high levels of fecal contamination.

According to research from UTSA assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering Vikram Kapoor, 800 wastewater treatment plants reported spills from flooding and more than two million pounds of contaminants were released into the environment, some entering the Guadalupe River.

The river, which runs from Kerr County (in the outskirts of San Antonio) to the San Antonio Bay in the Gulf of Mexico, suffered major Harvey flooding in the Victoria-area, reported UTSA Today.

Kapoor said to have chosen this river for his study because it is an important drinking source and is used in part for recreational activities.

With his research, Kapoor hopes it will help create a way to assess wastewater contamination following severe flooding.
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