$45M remain in program helping renters facing eviction as eviction moratorium ends

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Monday, August 2, 2021
Millions still available for Houston-area renters facing eviction
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With the eviction moratorium ending, there may not be a change for weeks, if at all. But you can still get help if you're at risk of eviction.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The pandemic has been tough on so many. That includes both renters who could not afford their rent and property owners who had no income but still had bills.

Now there's a change, as the moratorium goes away and everyone looks for a path forward.

Robin Millard is undergoing cancer treatment and her child has muscular dystrophy. She could not work, lost her child support, got COVID-19 and faced eviction. But she got help through the Rental Assistance program.

"I was two and half months, almost three months behind," Millard told ABC13. "They covered the past due amount and covered two months in advance for the coming months as well. So that gave me an opportunity to get caught up on everything ... in addition to rent."

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That program still has some $45 million left to hand out to those who apply, and it can pay up to 18 months of rent dating back to April 2020. So far, 42,000 families have shared in more than $150 million in federal CARES Act funding. But it's not the only program out there.

Harris County has a new offering that will give 20,000 families $1,500 each if they qualify and are selected.

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"The $1,500 can (be used) for anything," said Cynthia Colbert, the CEO of Catholic Charities. "Rent, back rent, utilities, medical expenses. Anything that a family needs to help them recover from the negative impacts of COVID."

Republican Congressman Kevin Brady said on Monday a moratorium extension is unneeded. He believes there is still plenty of help available to keep tenants in their homes and give property owners renewed income.

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"I think it's time to find a way to return to school, return to work, return to normal, and part of that is moving out of this emergency mode," he said. "With the help, Congress has already provided to the local governments, get it out to these folks."

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Millard urges anyone who has not yet applied to do it as it could keep a roof of your head.

To apply, visit the Houston-Harris County Emergency Rental Assistance Program's website or call 832-402-7568.

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