Search is on for owner of near century-old Bible

HENRICO COUNTY, Virginia -- An unsolved mystery is brewing in Richmond, Virginia. And so far, no one seems to know much about the source or ownership of a Bible that appears to be nearly a century old.

It was found in October of 2018 inside the bathroom of the Azzuro restaurant, sealed in a Ziploc bag, according to WTVR.

The name Eleanor Pauline Dillard and the date Dec. 25, 1923, are written near the front of the battered Bible, which does show some signs of aging.

But so far, online searches of the name, the date and the reservation system of the restaurant haven't provided any clues that could help get the ancient Bible back to its rightful owner.

"To me, it's not just a book," restaurant manager Ruben Navarette told WTVR. "I think it was just an honest mistake. I think someone forgot they left it here or forgot they even brought it here."

Navarette said he wants to hear from anyone with information about the Bible, and relatives who may be searching for it now.
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