Miss Houston speed-paints, inspires kids in Sugar Land

The reigning Miss Houston 2015 can paint an entire picture and inspire a group of kids at the same time.

"There's one thing I want to encourage you guys to do," said Miss Houston 2015 Chyna Wheatley. "And that is to use your gifts and use your talent."

At Friendship Community Bible Church in Sugar Land, Wheatly uses her unique talent to inspire others.

"I've been painting and drawing since literally I learned how to write," she said. "But speed painting came about when I decided to compete for Miss Texas."

A blank canvas before her and thick black paint on her brush, an image appears as little eyes watch.

"I had to get it down to a science so that I could do something in 90 seconds because normally a painting would take me anywhere from 3-5 weeks to do," she said.

The 90-second rule comes from Wheatly's desire to reach her own goals.

"Obviously for Miss America, you have to have a talent and that talent is 90 seconds, so I decided to take on of my life-long hobbies and turn it into something I could use to compete at Miss America," said Wheatley.

She already used it to win Miss Sugar Land 2014 and Miss Houston 2015, but on Monday, she used it to encourage kids at their church revival.

"So many of our young children are attracted to role models who are not the best, and having Miss Houston here as a positive role model who's involved in our community I think has a positive impact," said Bridgette Smith with Friendship Community Bible Church.

With one last stroke, the children see an image they recognize. But they also get a message they otherwise might not.

"Your generation has the capability to do so much," Wheatley told them.
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