Little girl takes Pope's hat

ROME, Italy (KTRK) -- She stole his heart, then she stole his hat!

A three-year-old girl snatched the hat off the Pope's head after a kiss, bringing laughter from the crowd and the Pope himself.

Mountain Butorac, who runs a Catholic pilgrimage company in Rome, told ABC News that his three-year old-goddaughter Estella and her family were visiting from Atlanta when the "kiss and snatch" happened.

The Pope gave Estella a kiss and she reached up and swiped the zucchetto off his head.

The Pope's security team laughed, and the Pope got his skullcap back and went on his way.

The zucchetto is a skullcap worn by Roman Catholic clerics, black for a priest, purple for a bishop, red for a cardinal and white for the Pope.

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