Conroe church still waiting to be reimbursed by Red Cross after being used as shelter during Harvey

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- Under Over Fellowship in Conroe ministers while providing services. In fact, they help homeless men and women, have a medical clinic and provide hot meals daily.

So, when the church was asked to open as a Red Cross shelter during Hurricane Harvey, Pastor Jerry Vineyard answered with no hesitation.

"We said of course we could love to do that," Vineyard said.

Over the following week, they fed, housed and showered around 100 people every day. The community pitched in, but there were expenses, Vineyard says the Red Cross promised to pay in their agreement.

He showed Eyewitness News invoices for things like carpet cleaning, an electrician and office supplies.

Vineyard added it up to $9,400. He says he gave two Red Cross representatives the receipts eight months ago.

He has emailed and called repeatedly.

Last week, Vineyard was given yet another contact. He emailed that person and then ABC13.

"I waited for a response. Maybe could have waited longer but I felt like we've waited long enough and so thank goodness for channel 13. We gave you guys a call and you made it happen." he said.

Within an hour of our call to the American Red Cross, Vineyard says he got a call telling him they'll work out the reimbursement on Monday.

A spokeswoman told ABC13 that all he has to do is re-submit the receipts because they do have the funding.

"That's wonderful news to us," Vineyard said.

The pastor knows the amount may not sound like much, but for this small church it is vital.

"That little bit is a lot to us, specifically because it came out of our operating fund and that's how we pay our monthly bills," he added.

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