Macadamia nuts recalled over possible E-coli contamination

HONOLULU, Hawaii (KTRK) -- Mauna Loa macadamia nut products have been recalled after fears of possible E-coli contamination.

The company is recalling 21 of its products ranging from roasted salted, honey-roasted, Maui onion garlic and chocolate macadamia nuts.

The health department says water samples from Mauna Loa's Keaau facility tested positive for bacteria.

"We are still doing additional samples to get a better idea of what could possibly have happened. We believe that it might be part of the disinfection system needing to be improved as well as potential contamination from hurricane brown water," Department of Health Chief Joanna Seto said.

Seto added that the facility has its own water distribution system, and somehow, the drinking water got tainted with E-coli.

No related illnesses were reported to the health department, and Mauna Loa employees, employees were notified within 24 hours.

"Over the weekend we shock chlorinated. So, they are going to be taking additional tests before we give them the ok to use the well water again," Seto said.
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