Tiger Woods unveils his first golf course in Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX (KTRK) -- The Pierce family is moving just a few miles from their Montgomery home to BlueJack National Golf Club.

"We just decided to come out and play golf as a family and in the end decided to build a house out here," said future resident, Robyn Pierce.

Time-lapse pictures show the progress where they'll live in one of 386 homes around the first Tiger Woods golf course in the country. Smaller homes start at $400,000 with larger residences starting at $700,000.

Woods talked about how the short course is one of a kind, on the porch of the Montgomery cottage this afternoon, just 10 holes for a faster game.

"I can't imagine anyone going without their cell phones for two or three hours," said Woods. "You see people with withdrawals. That's what we have to take into account. The landscape has changed."

Developers say they worked with Woods to best help the next generation of golfers.

"I had the opportunity to visit with Tiger Woods and his team about his thoughts on golf and how he would make it playable and make it fun again," said President of Beacon Land, Michael Abbott. "And then to actually work with him and dig into his mind."

Tiger Woods added, "I was amazed when I first came here, the elevation change, you don't think Houston, Texas will have elevation and big oaks. You don't really associated Houston with that."

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Bluejack National is a 755-acre resort-style community featuring Tiger Woods' first golf course to open in the United States.

But it's more than a golf course, zip lines and trees houses for kids along with fishing, hiking and biking trails.

"One of the reasons it drew us is we do have kids and with the fort, a bowling alley, movie theater and burger place," said Pierce.

"I created something for my kids and my family so that I can come here and have fun," said Woods.

He'll be a part-time neighbor to families like the Pierce's when he comes to visit his Texas home. "For Montgomery County to be able to trust us and for us to deliver makes it harmonious," said Woods.
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