These 3 Houston suburbs are some of the best places to live in Texas

HOUSTON, Texas -- Spring is here, which means it's home shopping season, and this might help narrow down your search.

Real estate review site Niche compiled information from its users and data from the U.S. Census Bureau to grade neighborhoods and suburbs on factors including quality of schools, crime rates, housing trends, job market, amenities, and more. After all that calculating, three Houston suburbs - Greatwood, Cinco Ranch, and New Territory - were named among the 10 best places in all of Texas to live for 2019.

Coming in at No. 6, Greatwood gets an overall A-plus rating from Niche. The suburb (population 12,437) scores mostly As (public schools, housing, being good for families, jobs, diversity, and health and fitness); some Bs (in cost of living, outdoor activities, nightlife, and weather); and one C (commute). The suburb's median home value is $322,000, median rent is $2,000, and median household income is $148,047.

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