Houston realtor chases intruder who was living in vacant home for days

MONTROSE, Texas (KTRK) -- A real estate agent went beyond selling a home when he encountered an intruder inside a client's house.

George Huntoon, also known as "Local George" of EXP Realty, received a call from his client Tuesday morning.

When he approached the house in the 1500 block of California Street in Houston, he noticed the window was broken. Huntoon went inside, and noticed the master bedroom was locked.

Huntoon left the house and called 911. Moments later, a man walked out of the front door.

Huntoon wore a recorder which picked up the encounter. The device recorded Huntoon yelling at the man to "get on the ground."

The suspect then took off. Huntoon, armed with a gun, chased the man.

"This will haunt me, for sure," Huntoon said. "It will haunt me. No one wants to be in this situation. I sure don't."

After a couple hundred feet, a nearby security guard helped Huntoon stop the man, and hold him until police arrived. Huntoon said the suspect told police he had been staying there for a couple days.

"In 20 years in being in the real estate business, I have not come across someone breaking into a home and walking in on them," Huntoon said.

No one is living in the home, so it is vacant, except for a couch and food in the freezer.

When the homeowner's family arrived, they found a makeshift bed made out of couch cushions in the master, food littered on the floor and shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower.

"You try to be a nice host to somebody," the homeowner's son, George Hittner joked."They could at least clean up after themselves."

Houston Police responded to the call, and arrested the man. Officers told ABC13 if this ever happens to you, the best thing to do is call 911, and if they leave the house, don't approach them. Instead, shoot video with your phone.

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