Houston-area officers experience random acts of kindness

Saturday, July 16, 2016
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Officers say following last week's deadly ambush in Dallas, they've been on the receiving end of random acts of kindness.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Random acts of kindness toward law enforcement appear to be popping up across Southeast Texas. From Fort Bend County to west Houston, the stories are hard to miss.

Take for instance Friday night at George's Pastaria. The restaurant is located at 1726 S Dairy Ashford Road in west Houston.

Senior police officer Tim Whitaker, Sergeants Dan Brown, Jon Golemon, and Shane Harvey arrived for their dinner break. They won't forget what happened next.

Complete strangers picked up their checks.

"Even while we were sitting there, a couple of people acknowledged us. One of the guys, there was an older guy that kind of shuffled over to our table and he was crying as he walked towards the table. As he got to our table, he tried to say something but he couldn't say anything so he touched one of us, turned around, and walked off," said Officer Whitaker. "We got ready to pay. We got ready to leave. They reminded us again that several tables had offered to pay for our meal. When we got up to leave, one guy started clapping, and as we got closer to the door, I looked to my left as I was getting ready to leave. I saw most of the restaurant was standing up and giving us a standing ovation as we were walking out."

In Fort Bend County, Major Chad Norvell said he's heard the stories of people walking up to deputies and showing their gratitude.

"People have just randomly stopped them, hugged them, thanked them, and bought lunches for them," said Major Norvell. "It's happening quite a bit all over the community."

Jacke Castaneda lives in Richmond. She spent two days and about $300 to make goody bags for law enforcement.

On Tuesday, Castaneda dropped them off at the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

"I know people don't see it every day or say it every day," said Castaneda. "I want them to know here in the area we appreciate it."

On social media, law enforcement agencies posted about the random acts of kindness. A woman baked a cake for the Jersey Village Police Department.

Kids made a flag for the Deer Park Police Department.

An officer with HPD shared a receipt with Eyewitness News. He said a woman in front of him at the drive-thru paid his bill.

She simply wrote, "Thank you for your service. You are so important to us!"