Lack of rain and dry conditions causing water main pipes to break across the area

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- The lack of rainfall and hot August conditions are creating issues for water pipes across the area.

The issue is hitting Friendswood really hard. This month alone, the city has experienced more than 30 breaks.

Michael Austin lives near a recent break that happened off Sunset Drive.

"The street was flooded," Austin said. "The curb over it was flooded. There was water just gushing up out of the ground."

That's not the only place. Friendswood neighbors are seeing a lot more breaks.

"Definitely higher than the last few years that we've seen," Donart said.

Public Works director Patrick Donart said the combination of little rainfall and hot, dry conditions is causing the soil to shift, and impacting area pipes.

"The ground is a lot stronger than any pipe that we put in there, so if it shifts enough, it will crack and or sheer the pipe," Donart said.

Two years ago, Friendswood had 16 water main breaks all summer.

Last year, it only had 11.

But this month alone, there have been 31 water main breaks.

Because of this, the city said it's increased overtime to get each break under control within 24 hours.

Friendswood is asking neighbors to pay attention in the coming days.

To spot a break, you might see bubbling water, or spewing water from the ground.

But Donart said you may not spot the problem outside your home every time.

"Whereas yesterday you had to turn the faucet on and you had a full stream and today, for some reason, it's barely trickling," Donart said

Although there's rain in the Labor Day forecast, Donart is telling his crews to be ready.

"On the days you don't have breaks, enjoy the break, get some rest that evening, because breaks occur at any time of day," Donart said.

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