Rain helps Houston tie climate record - for lack of heat

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Houston rain beats the heat
Houston has experienced back-to-back years with no 95-degree days from January to June

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We've just witnessed something that hasn't happened in Houston weather history in almost 75 years...

So far in 2015 the temp has stayed below 95 degrees in Houston. Last year we also made it to July without a single 95-degree day, which hasn't happened in back-to-back years since 1940-1941! In fact, there are only two other times we can find this in Houston's recorded history: 1919-1920 and 1912-13. Reliable records date back to 1889.

Last summer the temp didn't hit 95 degrees until July 9th, which was the latest date to hit 95 since 2001. Typically Houston hits 95 by June 9th.

So why are these late 95-degree days happening now?

Rain. Lots of rain.

An average May in Houston receives 5.09" of rain. May 2014 and May 2015 more than doubled that amounts, recording 11.71" and 14.17" respectively. Both of these months rank in the top 10 wettest Houston May's on record. In fact, this is Houston's 3rd wettest January-June with 41.83" of rain at Bush Airport. According to the National Weather Service, only 2004 (45.02") and 1993 (43.33") started wetter. Houston's average yearly rainfall is 49.77".

The wet ground along with the weather patterns that produce all these storms typically keep the high temps running a few degrees below normal. Early indications are that the weather pattern producing our recent rains will persist into much of July, keeping rain higher than normal and temps lower than normal.

It's still going to be hot and humid, but with every passing storm, odds increase that we could make it through another Houston summer without hitting 100. So far in 2015, the maximum temp observed at Bush Airport is 94, which occurred on 4 different days in June.

More 95-degree day fun facts for Houston:

Average first 95-degree day: Jun 9th

Average last 95-degree day : September 15th

Earliest 95-degree day on record: March 30th 1946

Latest 95-degree day on record: October 18th, 1895

Average number of 95-degree days in a year: 31

Most 95-degree days in a year: 108 (2011)

Least 95-degree days in a year: 0 (1898)

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