Internet reaches out to save anorexic woman's life

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Friday, October 30, 2015
Rachael Farrokh
Rachael Farrokh has doubled her weight since reaching out for help online in her battle against anorexia.
CNN / Rachael Farrokh

A woman is using her own battle with anorexia to prove to others that it can be beaten.

Rachel Farrokh posted the video on the left to YouTube this past April, CNN reports. The 37-year-old weighed just 40 pounds and was close to death. She told people she was losing her battle and needed help.

The world responded to her pleas and donated nearly $20,000 to help her get treatment.

Now, just six months later, Farrokh had doubled her weight and is on the road to recovery. She posted the photo to the right to show how she's living proof anorexia can be beaten.

"I'm excited about life, because what was a glimmer of hope 3 months ago has turned into a certainty to live. I regained the clarity and strength of my mind," she wrote on Facebook.

Farrokh is now helping educate others. Earlier this week, she attended the second annual March Against Eating Disorders.

"My goal in this recovery process is to create awareness and education in order to help others battling this disease," said Farrokh. "I want my struggle to help other women know that they aren't alone. This terrible disease should not be kept in the closet of shame."

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