Quilt mystery solved: Grandmother reunited with precious crafts

ROSENBERG, Texas (KTRK) -- After spending months quilting, a grandmother thought her work was stolen right off her front porch.

For the past several months, Laurie McNamara has stitched together three quilts. A John Deere queen sized blanket for young twins, and two baby blankets for her nieces.

McNamara shipped the quilts for specialty work. They were returned Tuesday, but when she got home, the box couldn't be found.

"Our assumption at this point is someone picked the box up from our front porch, and walked off with it," McNamara said.

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"The quilts were meant to be made, and used, and loved, and hopefully somebody does," McNamara said.

It turns out, the quilts weren't stolen at all. They were accidentally sent to her old address.

As the holidays approach, be wary of porch pirates. FedEx has a number of ways customers can protect items, if they aren't going to be home.

You can change the drop-off location up to the day before. Also, you can ship the package to a FedEx site, or a partnering business such as Kroger, Walgreens, or Randalls.

"Who knows what could be in that box," McNamara said. "You're stealing more than just stuff."

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