Man with cerebral palsy has shot at putt-putt title in Webster

WEBSTER, Texas (KTRK) -- If you've never been to a professional Putt-Putt competition, you're missing out!

The 59th Annual Professional Putters Association (PPA) National Championship is going on at Putt-Putt FunHouse in Webster from September 10 through September 14.

Competitors have a chance to win more than $35,000 in prize money.

"Putt putt golf? Who plays putt-putt golf competitively?" laughed Alan Sahmel.

Alan never planned on becoming a putter.

"We got into Putt-Putt on a Sunday evening right after church. The kids from church wanted to go and our son Adam wanted to go also."

Adam was born with cerebral palsy. That means his brain didn't develop properly before birth, so he can't always control his movements. But he's learned that Putt-Putt somehow works for him.

"It feels good to be out just one of the guys," Adam said. "It's the one thing I can do and compete against able-bodied players like my dad and brother."

Adam's brother, Wade, also wasn't planning on becoming a putter.

"I got drug along for about three or four years before I really started to play and enjoy it," he said.

It's been 25 years since the family first started putting. Since then, all three have won national championships.

"It makes me feel good that other people appreciate what I go through," Adam explained. "If I inspire one person, that's good, that's worth it."
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