Puppy seen dragged in video in NW Houston taken away from owner

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A Northwest Houston woman caught on camera dragging and throwing her puppy on the sidewalk has lost custody of the animal and may now face criminal charges.

A judge ruled today that Tara Dycus cannot have custody of her nine week old dog, Cookie.

Cookie will live at the Houston Humane Society for now. Veterinarians say she doesn't appear to have any long term injuries or other health problems.

Soon, she will be turned over to a rescue group and hopefully, she'll find a new family.

"She gets along great with everyone. She's playful and energetic," said Monica Schmidt with the Houston Humane Society. "I think a lot of time puppies know when they've been saved from a rough environment."

Dycus, who told us weeks ago that she didn't mean to endanger Cookie, could now be facing criminal charges.

The District Attorney is reviewing the case.

Dycus was very upset and told Eyewitness News over the phone, "Losing your puppy is just like losing a child."

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